Nuno Arantes-Oliveira

  Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisbon, Portugal
  Invited Assistant Professor




Nuno Arantes-Oliveira is an executive and entrepreneur with a scientific background and an interest in technological innovation, particularly in healthcare and the life sciences. Among other ventures, Nuno was the founding CEO of ATGC Portugal, which became a leading tech-transfer company in the Country; of Alfama, Inc., a drug development company voted best start-up in Europe in 2005 and recently acquired by Proterris, Inc. of Boston; and of Coimbra Genomics S.A., named Europe’s second biggest promise in e-Health in 2015. Nuno was President of P-BIO – Portugal’s Biotechnology Industry Organization (2011-2015, now Chairman) and sat on the board of Health Cluster Portugal (2008-2013). Nuno’s current holdings and interests include Oceano Fresco, a pioneer shellfish aquaculture startup where he is a founding Board member, and a state-of-the-art pediatric specialties clinic in the center of Lisbon. He has also had multiple other board, advisory and expert roles in the US and in several European countries, including with Government authorities and top-tier research organizations. Currently, Nuno is a senior advisor to several technology-based ventures in three countries. Nuno has negotiated and implemented business and scientific collaborations in Europe, the US, China, Africa and Latin America. Currently, Nuno is an invited assistant professor of the MIT-Portugal Program where he lectures graduate classes on innovation and technological change. Nuno obtained his PhD in Genetics with pioneer work on the molecular basis of aging and lifespan regulation, performed at the University of California San Francisco (UCSF) and published in very high-impact scientific journals.